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We offer weekly tumbling classes open to the public. You do not need to be on our cheer teams to tumble with us!

We also offer privates one on one classes.

Celebrity Cheer

Tumbling Classes 

What class should I sign my child up for?

Tiny Class

One 1 hour tumbling class a week

Best for ages 3 -6 that do not yet have rolls, cartwheels and solid bridges.

These girls have fun!

Mommy & Me:

1 hour class for ages 5 and under 

1 parent or guardian is allowed to attend with the child.

Level 1/

Backwalkover Class

This is for any age that can already do a cartwheel, round off, and a solid bridge. We work on both front and back walk overs, running and standing.

This class meets once a week for an hour at a time.

Level 2/ Backhandspring Class

This is for athletes that can throw a SOLID back walk over. We work on the foundation of a handspring and both running and standing passes.

Level 3/Tuck Classes

This is for athletes that can throw a solid standing double handspring and a solid running handspring. We work on the foundation for back tucks, aerials, front punches, round off tucks and backhandspring tucks.

Tumbling classes can be done monthly or weekly.

All classes are $15.00 per class for both cheerleaders or outside tumblers, totaling $60.00 a month. If you are not a registered athlete with us, there is a one time $45.00 per year registration fee per child.

UNLIMITED CLASS & OPEN GYM PASS: $100.00 a month gets you into unlimited classes and open gyms.

Open gyms are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

What is an open gym?! The gym is "open" to anyone during this time, ages 2-18 to come in and work on skills. The instructor is present in case you would like to be spotted, but this is more of a free for all to perfect any and all skills!

Open gym is $10 per hour

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